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GRR is a great place for guests to relax in the country and enjoy the peaceful scenic privacy.


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When the web host moved our site to a new platform in December 2007, the old GRR Guest Book failed to migrate. However, I was able to copy it from the previous platform and pasted it's comments below for your review.

Carol Farmer 2007-12-11 Really enjoyed seeing your beautiful place. We both lost our dear dads this year. He so loved nature. MD Lee 1925/2007

Don and Montyce Scott, Monica & Cara 2007-12-10 CJ- We had a blast at your place this weekend! We will be back! You haven't seen the end of the Scott family. It's as beautiful as everyone has told me. Thanks again! Montyce

Alyssa Ransom 2007-12-09 i was at ur barn for the 4h lock in it was great i would like to come again soone

Karen 2007-11-25 Liked your website and appys too. Will have to try to come up and visit. If you should know of any nice appy geldings for sale feel free to email me. Thanks!

LEROY RUSH 2007-10-15 I use one of your old ferriers, William E. Jones, he told me about your ranch, look foward to riding at your ranch with my paint stallion soon.

Michelle 2007-10-06 I am looking for a cabin in April for my honeymoon and I was wondering if you could let me know a few prices. Thank you!

Charlie 2007-09-19 Y'all have a wonderful ranch. Can't wait to visit, camp and ride the trails

Anne 2007-09-09 Hey there! NICE SITE! Just wanted to say hello Take Care

Trish 2007-09-05 Thanks for the hospitality CJ! It was a pleasure to visit your facility for CTHA's annual meeting. I felt at home again when I returned for Bill Richey's de-spooking clinic. On my third trip, I enjoyed your trails. Thanks for having such a wonderful equestrian facility! See you again soon. ~Trish

Jackie and Elise 2007-08-19 We Loved the resident camp!!! It was AWESOME!! Can't wait til next summer!

Jamie Lovel l2007-08-15 Tim, Hey buddy I just stumbled onto your site. It appears that you both have a beautiful place. Maybe we can find a time to come visit your grounds.

Linda Layman 2007-08-08 The gaited horse clinic with Larry Whitesell was excellent, and the facilities and your hospitality made it even better. See you next August for the next clinic.

tammy mariotti 2007-08-05 enjoyed your trail ride greatly !!!! I will definetly be back SOON !!!!!

Aba Lagos 2007-07-16 keep it going.

Pamela Hughes 2007-06-06 Beautiful, therapeutic setting. A real respite from this hetcic world. Can't wait to go agan!

David & Donna 2007-05-28 My wife, Donna and I had a great time at GRR for the CTHA annual meeting. The trail riding was great and the hospitality of the GRR staff was magnificent.

Leslie & Katie Gulley 2007-05-17 CJ-Had a wonderful time staying in the cozy bunkhouse and riding the trails during the Mother/Daughter retreat! Thanks to Tim too for a great cookout. Can't wait to do it again soon.

Catherine Miller 2007-03-05 Due to the tornado that devestated parts of Thomson, our 4-H group was not able to attend the 4-H benefit Horse Show on March 3rd. We look forward to visiting on another day. Thank you for the fantastic photos. See you soon!

Jackie Rylee 2007-03-02 We love Apps and had no idea your facility existed or was so close to us; we will definitely come to visit soon. Great "virtual trailride!"

Becky 2007-02-25 WOW, thanks for allowing my friend and I to take a tour. Grove River Ranch IS Out of the World Beautiful!!! Good luck on your adventures.

Sandra Norriss 2007-02-21 Hi Cindy! Congrads on your new place. Lets do another demo on starting the young horse with Richard.

Kelsey Zapp 2007-02-20 I am so thrilled to see a great looking place to ride in north ga! I hope to visit your facilities very soon! I wish there were more pictures of the trails though. Im definetly going to spread the word!~kz

Doris Buckley 2007-02-18 Hello from Habersham County. Thank you for your invite for Horse Lover's Field Day. I will definetely come down to visit. Your facility looks beautiful and we hope to enjoy your trails sometime this summer. Please send me more information on your cabin since I have family that would be interested. Thanks Doris Buckley

Alyssa 2007-02-18 do you guys have alot of horses i love appaloosas and i looking for my own horse

Keith & Sherri Duncan 2007-02-11 We picked up a flyer at Tractor Supply, your place is fantastic, it's good to know that you are in our county, look forward to seeing you soon. The Duncan family

Thomas & Twilla Waibel 2007-02-03 Thought I'd let you know we saw your site. All we can say is WWWOOOWWW!!!!! Hope to see you again next time your to Silvertooth.:-)

cindy groom 2007-01-24 CJ, Thank you for the good info and suggestions.I love your website. Hope to get up to ride with you soon!

cindy broth 2007-01-22 what is price per night to stay in your cabin

Craig Earon 2007-01-19 Great looking location. We are looking for more horseback riding locations to satisfy our readers. We hope you will consider us!

Jessica Blaisdell 2007-01-12 Hello Mrs CJ, I havnt talked to you in a long time. I took lessons from you back when you own Valley Vista. I hope to see you again. Give a hug to Poco and Holly for me.

Tersea Davis 2007-01-07 Wow CJ! The place looks amazing! I'm sorry to hear about Lou and Kitty-I'm gonna miss them. We (the Davis') hope to come up there sometime and catch up! Happy New Year -Teresa Davis

Marcia Wingert 2006-12-18 We were blessed to find a safe overnight for ourselves, 2 horses, and 2 Dalmatians. I hope we can plan to stay longer, someday!

Georgiana Norcross 2006-12-18 Thank you Grove River Ranch for helping me and my horse build a more confident relationship. I will highly recommend your facility for its beauty, adventure and hospitality.

janice 2006-12-13 I can't wait to do some trail rides. Lacey Bennett - I didn't know you had a horse. We need to get a possy up and go for a ride!

Mickey & Ann Roberts 2006-12-13 Fell in love with your place,hope to get to visit soon.

teah caldwell 2006-12-12 hi I am looking for an inexspensive vacation for my children an us. they all love horses so if yopu could email my info on your rats and so fort tat would be great>

menedez 2006-12-05 WOW!! Your web-site looks really nice!

Georgia Bailey 2006-11-26 Hi Cindy, Good to catch up with you again. Call me soon

Hannah White 2006-11-17 I live about 10 minutes from the ranch in Banks county and I never knew that you were there. We have horses and enjoy trail riding so it is good to know that there is a nice place around.

Karrie Poteete 2006-11-06I enjoyed your site and virtual tour. I would love to bring a group out this spring.

Sue Mulder 2006-11-05 CJ, Your website is great and your place is beautiful! All your hard work has definetly been worth it! Sue

lauren Irwin 2006-11-04 This looks great. Please put my students and I down on your mailing list. Love distance riding and dressage. L

Kim Anderson 2006-10-27 Hello Cindy and Family, The farm looks great and the web-site has all kinds of great additions. Hope Holly is doing well. We miss her a great deal but by looking at where she gets to hang her slinky at night, she is in heaven for sure. I love the pictures of the clouds and the sun! Awesome! Danielle and I have been saving our money and are planning a mother daughter retreat to Grove River someday...(trimmed)

Martin and Tina Vanderlaan 2006-10-16 My husband and I spent 3 nights and 4 days at Grove River Ranch back in March. We stayed in the cabin and it was beautiful. We had a very peaceful relaxing time. It was nice meeting both Tim and Cindy and we wish them all the best in the years to come. Our instructor Julie was awsome we had some good rides with her and learned lots. My husband and I both loved the trail rides with both Julie ...(trimmed)

trish avritt 2006-09-26 I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderfull time I had at your ranch when me and my three sister visited in may we had a blast..(terri sherril'sister)THANK YOU

Teresa Beck 2006-09-26 CJ I enjoyed the website very much. I would love for you to visit our saddle club meeting for info on your place.

lacey bennett 2006-09-15 hello you guys!!! a friend of mine showed me this site and WOW justin!!! when r u gonna invite me over?? lol. we really should go horseridin one day.

Lisa Graham 2006-09-08 Dear CJ, Tim and all of the GRR Family... My thoughts and prayers are covering you as you say goodbye to your precious and beloved Kitty. She was as blessed to have you as you were to have her. Hope to see you all very soon. Until then, love and warm thoughts are being sent your way from all of us - Lisa, Terry, Olivia and William

Monika Parrish 2006-09-05 My family, friends and I had a wonderful time trail riding and camping at such a beautiful facility located within driving distance of Atlanta. Thank you again for being such wonderful hosts!

olivia graham 2006-09-02 Hey their yall.. it's livie I just wanted to tell you guys how much you guys have done and putting so much effert into get the barn ready. wow, well definately props to CJ Farmer who most of the work into makeing it all happen. Your aswome CJ! and i love you guys lots. got 2 go aswome job. love yall, Livie

Debby Mockus 2006-08-31 Thrilled to learn of your facility---I live in Lula & had no idea you were here! Can't wait to visit your facility & maybe renew my riding interests once again! Debby

jenny 2006-08-29 my husband and our two horses/dogs would love a 2 day get-away from the stress of everyday life and camp with our horses you have a very lovely place thanks


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